Writing The Best Research Paper Conclusion

Research paper is one of the most common types of academic papers, and writing a research paper is a long and complex process which includes a number of key stages. Experienced writers recommend starting the work on a research paper from making a preliminary research and choosing the best and the most effective topic for your research paper. When the topic is selected, the author should start the main research work, look for interesting ideas and relevant information to base your research on, look through many reputable sources, and develop your own ideas and perspectives to be presented in your academic paper. Then, it is the time to create an outline and start working on the writing part of your work. It is possible to start with writing the body part, followed by working on introduction and conclusion for research paper, or it can be great to start the writing part with writing an introduction, and then the body and research paper conclusion. The last stages include creating a reference page, and then review and check up your academic paper in order to make sure that it is error free.

As it is for any kind of academic paper, the main function of a research paper conclusion is provide your reader with a small summary of the research work, underline its importance and provide the necessary weight to your work. Conclusion is one of the main parts of research paper, and all authors of research papers should pay a proper attention to writing this small part of the paper. The main idea of writing a good and effective conclusion for research paper is keeping it brief, concise, and filled with useful information. At the same time, it should contain the results and the main findings of the research work, so any reader should understand what is the objective of your research paper, what data and evidence you used for your research, what kind of methods and approaches were chosen by you, and what results or findings you managed to achieve, what conclusions you came to after the scientific work. A research paper conclusion should come right after the body of your academic paper and never exceed the size of three paragraphs, possibly even one or two paragraphs. Some conclusions can be put to three-four sentences.

Experienced research paper writers recommend starting your conclusion for research paper with re-stating the main thesis statement, the main objective of your research, or the main idea you are trying to prove, to confirm of disconfirm in your scientific work. Then, it should restate the main findings, conclusions, results or ideas the author came up with after doing his or her scientific work. They should be stated briefly and without unnecessary details. Further sentences should underline the meaning and importance of the findings, sketch their possible uses or applications in real life or in modern scientific world, and convince your reader that your work had some serious purpose and objective. Finally, a very interesting approach can be finishing your research paper conclusion with something like a “call for action”, which would inspire the reader make certain practical steps and support the newly developed ideas or approaches. This is a very effective and unique approach, however it is not always possible to use it for the advantage of your conclusion for research paper.

When working on your research paper conclusion, try to look at your work with the eyes of your reader. What are the most important points and highlights that your reader should keep in mind after reading your research paper? Use a dry and persuasive tone when writing the conclusion, which would, at the same time, make your communication with your reader friendly, clean and effective. Since the conclusion is the last thing your reader will see in your paper, it should possible impress and impact your reader. However, so not feel stressed out or pressed when working on the conclusion. Hopefully, this small writing helped you find answers to the questions how to write a good an effective conclusion for research paper. If no, there are plenty of related tips and recommendations can be found online . Good luck with your work, and let your efforts pay you back with an excellent grade for your research paper!

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