Writing An Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are one of the most common types of academic essays which many students have to deal with during their academic life. As it becomes apparent from its name, this type of academic essays is a debate and persuasive academic paper which should present a certain opinion, idea, viewpoint, or thesis statement, related to some certain events or facts. At the same time, a great and successful argumentative essay presents also possible other ideas or viewpoints on the issue, and contains enough arguments to persuade the reader to support the author’s viewpoint.

As for all debate academic papers, it is very important to select a great topic in order to write a successful and interesting argumentative essay. It is necessary to choose such subject or topic which will allow you as an author to speculate and debate on it freely for some good amount of time. Also, you must have a good knowledge about the subject and be ready to find good arguments in order to persuade your readers to take your viewpoint. However, specialists say that argumentative essay should not be too lengthy in order not to be boring for your reader. It is estimated that an argumentative essay should no be longer than 5-6 pages.

A key factor for writing a successful argumentative essay is to use logical thinking when presenting the arguments for all sides. All the viewpoints presented in the paper should have valid and sensible supporting arguments, however, the main viewpoint of the author should have the most valuable and the most persuasive supporting arguments. That is why it is highly necessary to explore as much of related materials as possible, and be equipped with proper amounts of knowledge including the most recent info about the subject, that will help you keep interest of your reader.

However, not all the time it is possible to find enough of info and specific data to support one or another viewpoint. In this context, another very important technique which can come in handy for producing a great argumentative essay is critical thinking. Critical thinking can help you analyze the idea or subject from different sides and consider many aspects of the problem. The same technique can help you choose the best and the most valid point, and find the most supporting arguments to make the reader accept your viewpoint. The most commonly used topic for writing a great argumentative essays embrace such common social problems as death penalty, gay marriages, gun control, cloning, abortion, and many more. Good luck with your argumentative essay!

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