What Is An Expository Essay?

Academic essay writing is considered to be an important skill that all modern students of colleges or universities should master during their academic life.  Writing research papers, term papers, academic essays, or other types of academic papers is a very common assignment in today’s higher educational establishments around the world, and students have to write a great deal of comparison and contrast essays, pros and cons essays, narrative essays, or reflective essays while they are studying in modern time’s universities of colleges. Undoubtedly, an expository essay is the type of academic essays which today’s students are assigned to not too very often. That is why most of those who’ve got such an assignment usually start their work with trying to find an answer to the question, what is an expository essay and what is the specifics of writing this type of academic essays. This article can be of help for those who are in need of more information on the issue linked to expository essay writing.

As many of the experts agree, an expository essay is a type of academic essay which uses some factual information and data rather than viewpoints and opinions of people in order to explain and present the topic, whether it is an issue, or an event, or an object, or anything else. In the majority of the situations the student can select the topic for expository essay on his own, and it can be a great advantage since it is a chance to choose something that the author feels related to and will truly enjoy writing about. When choosing a topic, you should keep in mind two main things. First of all, try to choose some general issue which can be explained or described by using the available facts and data, but at the same time, make sure that your topic is not something too general and is narrow enough for being presented in such a small academic paper as an expository essay. Besides, as I said before, choose something that you’re interested in and will be happy to write about.

Hopefully, the above information helped us a little to clear out the issue of what is an expository essay. Now, let’s move on with the process of writing this type of academic essay. When the topic is selected, you should start working on creating an effective thesis statement for your essay. What a good thesis statement for an expository essay can be? This is one sentence to explain why you are writing this essay and what you want to present to your readers. For example, you can find an interesting side or some unknown fact about the topic you’ve chosen, and present it as a thesis statement for your essay. Or, it can be a good idea to use some unknown fact or not very common information about the topic as a thesis statement. If you have problems with formulating a good thesis statement for your expository essay, just start doing your research on the topic, and you’ll definitely come across something very interesting and not much known about the issue, so you can use this as your thesis statement.

As it becomes clear from the definition and explanation on what is an expository essay, the research part of the work involves collecting plenty of factual information and data on the topic. While working with academic sources and collecting the information, start creating a presentation strategy in your mind and possibly create a small outline of your expository essay. You can try grouping your facts according to some criteria, and then present them in a certain sequence. Your introduction should have your thesis statement and a few sentences of background information about the topic. Then, write some body paragraphs and summarize your essay in a small conclusion. Pay a proper attention to referencing and citing the data or the specific information you used for your expository essay. Finally, review your academic essay and proofread it before submitting it to your instructor.

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