Using Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

Writing a comparison and contrast essay is considered one of the easiest and the most pleasant types of academic assignment, which is quite often given to modern high school and college students. So say both experienced writers and those who are just starting their journey in the world of academic writing. Why is this so, you may wonder? Probably, because writing this type of essay requires just basic analysis of the topic, minimum background information, and at the same time it does not require emphasizing on the author’s own opinion as to the issue. Besides, there is another very important advantage. In contrast to research papers or persuasive essays, it is always possible to find a simple but very interesting topic to write about. Comparing two books, two movies, two paintings or other two artworks can be an excellent example of a compare and contrast essay topic. Also, it can be comparing living in a city and living in a village, comparing two activities or just not too much related issues can be a great choice, and the author can always choose to compare two things that he or she feels comfortable to think and write about.

Certainly, if you have never written a comparison and contract essay before and have quite a little idea about the specifics of this type of academic paper, the first thing you need to do is learn as much information as possible about the steps you need to go through when writing this kind of essay. You will need to start from choosing a topic, writing down the ideas or collecting some related materials and facts, starting your writing part with introduction, followed by the body and the conclusion for your essay. Then, you’ll need to review and proofread the essay. However, in order to get an idea what a good essay looks like, you can try to find some compare and contrast essay examples online. Fortunately, there is plenty of databases and other online resources to offer you this great opportunity which can be really helpful for all the beginners and the students to very experienced in academic writing.

First of all, by looking at good compare and contrast essay examples you can have an idea what topics for such kind of essays are the most commonly chosen by other authors. It is a good and very effective idea for catching some easy and effective essay topics ideas. In addition, you can see what kind of thesis statements are used, what kind of viewpoints are discussed, and what kind of arguments are presented. Besides, by using an example of a compare and contrast essay, you can see what kind of writing style is chosen by the author for this type of academic paper. Though compare and contrast essay does not always require deep persuasive writing style, it is important to actually practice persuasive writing with every good opportunity, and working on this type of academic essay can also be a good chance for any student. Choose the topic that you feel related or truly passionate about, and make your writing help the reader to get a deeper understanding on the issue, at that possibly take your point of view, too.

Finally, looking through compare and contrast essay examples it is possible to easily understand how this type of essay is supposed to fulfill its function. This kind of essay should rather be taking as an educative essay which gives the reader plenty of information on the selected topic rather than persuading him to accept the author’s point of view. Reading an example of a compare and contrast essay also helps to see the author’s reflection of the topic and critical thinking skills, but this is not the main idea in this kind of essays. Keep in mind that compare and contrast essay examples can only be used for informative purposes, and every student is strictly cautioned from copy-pasting parts of such essays to their own essays. If a student is caught on copy-pasting, the essay will be graded as an F due to plagiarism issue. Those who want to get an effective help with writing their compare and contrast essay, or any other academic essay can go to here to see some useful information.

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