Using An Online Argument Essay Example

Writing academic essays is a skill which can be considered essential for modern time’s college and university students. During their academic life, they will be continuously asked to write various academic papers, including pros and cons essays, argumentative essays, expository essays, opinion essays, descriptive essays, compare and contrast essays, and so on. Undoubtedly, gaining good academic essay writing skills and learning how to write great essays require a lot of efforts. If you want to master these skills, you should learn everything about such details as the specifics of one or another type of essay, the best approaches to doing research for your academic essays, all the requirements and specifics of using formatting styles, using the best and the most effective writing style, the specifics of creating reference page and adding in-text citations to your academic essay. This everything may seem a bit complex, however, as students are gaining more and more experience in academic writing, the issue is becoming much clearer and easier.

Writing an argumentative essay, or an argument essay, is a very common assignment in modern high schools and colleges. Argument essays has the main goal of bringing as many as possible valid and trustable arguments to support your own point of view on an issue or a subject. This type of essay is also sometimes known as persuasive essay, however, operating with the word argument essay allows taking deeper perspective on this type of academic paper, many writers are convinced. It is believed that argument paper is related to more particular issues and can go further than an argumentative essay. In order to see the difference, it can be a good idea to use an argument essay example and an example of a related persuasive essay. After comparing those, you will be able to see that persuasive essay authors and mainly focused on choosing the proper language and trying to make their readers accept their viewpoints to the topic. At the same time, argument essay is much more focused on bringing factual information and data as the tool of persuading the readers.

It sometimes can be not easy to understand the difference, that is why using essay examples can be the most effective way to do so. There are a great number of academic work databases and collections of academic essays available online in the related websites. All you need to do is take some time, find some good samples of both persuasive essays and argument essays, and compare those. Certainly, to receive a better picture, you can try finding both argument and persuasive essays written on about the same topic. This will definitely be the best approach not only to understanding the difference but also to leaning the specifics of writing an argument essay. You’ll see how essay authors use the facts they managed to collect, how they formulate their thesis statement, what kind of sources for the information and data they use, what writing style, language and formatting style they choose to use for their essay. Pay attention to these little details, and you’ll get all the information as to the specifics and the requirements to a good argument essay.

Finally, there is one very important thing that must be mentioned to those students who are intending to use any kind of argument essay example while working on their academic essay. It is a know fact that those student who find some very well written and high quality essays online and want just to use those as samples for their essays very often suffer from a great temptation to borrow parts of the text (or maybe even the whole essay) and submit those as their own. All the students are highly cautioned from that since this would infringe what if known as copy-writing policy. It is not allowed to use texts, as well as thoughts, ideas, concepts and other specific ideas of other people without citing and referencing those. And it is quite easy for tutors or professors to spot such kind of things by using special software like Copyscape and others. Keep this in mind when working with any kind of argument essay example and sample.


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