Teenage Pregnancy Essay Writing Tips

I guess every student of a high school or a college has ever got an assignment of writing an argumentative essay. Many academic essay writing would agree to the fact that argumentative essay is one of the most common assignment of academic writing given to the modern time’s students. Writing about such issues as death penalty, gun control, same sex marriage legalization, assisted suicide, cloning, abortion rights or teenage pregnancy, are the best and the most advantageous social topics offered to work with. If you are looking for some new interesting ideas and effective tips on how to write a good and effective teenage pregnancy essay, go on reading this small article which can give you a helping hand.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the main rule of writing a successful argumentative essay: regardless of what your viewpoint is or what side of the issue you’re going to support, you should essentially mention the arguments of the opponent side and try to find good reasonable arguments of your own to prove that you’re on the right side. You can use two approaches with this strategy. You can either briefly mention the opponent arguments in one or two paragraphs, and then write your own arguments supporting your point of view. Or, you can mention the opponent side arguments one by one, and then bring your own argument to prove that the opponent side argument id incorrect or invalid. You can use any of the approaches, and any of those can open you a way to success and receiving a good grade for your academic essay.

For example, if you are supporting teenage pregnancy and are convinced that teenage girls should be encouraged to avoid abortion, you should mention such arguments as the right to preserve the life of embryos as the life created by God’s grace. You can argue for teenage pregnancy by using the postulates of Christianity and social justice. You can say that teenage pregnancy should not be considered as something negative, and becoming a teenage mom is an excellent chance for a young girl to give birth to a healthy and happy child, to grow up with him and discover this difficult world together. You should argue that teenage pregnancy should not be terminated unless there are conditions which put mom’s or child’s health to danger.

At the same time, there are plenty of arguments from those who do not support teenage pregnancy and believe that this phenomena is dangerous to modern society. Such people are convinced that teenage pregnancy is a negative factor which will not allow young mom finish her education, develop just like her peers and get a proper idea about this life. Instead of studying and discovering this world as a young woman, a young teenage mom should babysit. Moreover, very often it is hard for young and single mom to bring up a child properly, and very often she does not have a proper financial and social support. Teenage pregnancy opponents believe that the cumulative effects of the mentioned factors outweigh the mentioned positive effects. Consider those when working on your teenage pregnancy essay, and write a good one!

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