Steps To Writing A Research Paper

A research paper is probably one of the most difficult types of college academic papers since it requires not only reviewing or presenting common ideas or the ideas of other people, but it usually involves deeper approach. Those include demonstrating deeper knowledge of the subject, being able to freely operate with the data and information collected for the study, being able to analyze and process the information, present in in a proper manner, and possibly even create some new idea or concept related to the topic of the study. Many high school and colleges students who’ve got the task of writing a research paper for the first time are wondering how to start their work or how to continue it on a certain stage. For those students, there are a few tips and recommendations on the steps to writing a research paper.

1. Start with choosing a few interesting topics or selecting a field you’re going to work on. You can start with two-three topics close to each other in terms of objects or objectives of your research. Keep in mind that writing about something you’re truly interested about is the only way to producing a successful academic paper and increasing your chances to getting a good grade.

2. The second is the stage of making preliminary research. Get familiar with the topics and the ideas you’re intending to research, start collecting materials and study the niche you’re going to research. This is the stage when you should make your final decision about the topic to use for your research paper, as well as to narrow it down or to make it a little broader for writing a good and effective research paper. Also, on this stage of your writing a research paper you should draft your thesis statement which should include  a brief explanation of your argument or the objective of your study.

3. Now it is time to move toward a more serious research. Collect more of relevant info and various data which should be up-to-date and taken only from a reputable academic sources like magazines, books, journals, other academic papers, etc. You can use internet, visit libraries, read journals and books, talk to specialists, and use any other source of information for your research. Also, it is very important to process the information you obtained, analyze it and come to certain conclusions to prove your point or support your idea.

4. Start putting your ideas in a sequence, try to find out how it can be better to formulate those, and come to drafting an outline of your research paper. This is one of the key steps to writing a research paper since only using a roper approach, proper writing style and proper presentation of your research is an essential element of creating a successful academic paper. Do not forget to make notes as to all the sources of the borrowed ideas and data you’re going to use in your academic paper.

5. Write a brief and concise introduction which would have thesis statement as the main objective of your work. Continue the work on writing your research paper with crafting the body of your paper. Use a dry scientific language for your work, be concise and make every paragraph of your work present a separated idea or concept. Show your skills to analyze and process the information you’re operating with, present your ideas in a manner of logic and with the highest clarity. Make sure that all your calculations are correct, all your assumptions have plenty of evidence, and all your conclusions are clear.

6. Write a persuasive and detailed conclusion for your research paper. The conclusion is a synopsis of your scientific work and it has to include all the conclusions you came to during your research work.  After that, continue your work with creating a reference list according to the requirements of the selected formatting style. Make sure your research paper is free from any grammar or syntax errors, as well as any possible mistake in calculations. Follow each of the mentioned steps to writing a  research paper and you’ll manage to produce a good quality academic paper.

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