Plagiarism And Academic Papers

Those students who have great experience in writing numerous academic papers including research papers, term papers, various types of essays, book reviews, and so on, are definitely aware about such issue as plagiarism and copy writing. In their nature, these two concepts are not too much related, however, when it comes to academic writing, sometimes they go hand in hand. Anti-plagiarism policies in modern schools and colleges are very strict, and those students who are regularly caught on plagiarizing have very low chances for achieving good academic success.

Plagiarism is a situation when someone takes the words, ideas, thoughts, or pieces of writing of someone else and represents those as his or her own. In other words, plagiarism means stealing the words or ideas of others. Though in some countries of the world there are no rules or regulations that make plagiarism a fraud or even a crime, in today’s developed countries plagiarism is a form of infringement of social rules, as it demonstrates a lack of respect. Plagiarism is a form of infringing the right to possess intellectual property, and currently it is a very common academic crime that a great deal of educational establishments and institutions have to deal with.

In the broad meaning, such issue as plagiarism can be punished by using such laws and regulations as trademark or copyright law, but if to narrow the concept to detecting and preventing plagiarism in academic works like research papers or term papers, there are a great deal of quite effective tools that modern instructors and tutors can use. One of those is famous Copyscape, an online tool which helps detect plagiarism and copy-paste by scanning documents and looking for the identical writing in internet. This simple tool has been used for many years and is considered very effective for most cases.

Those students who do not observe honesty policies of their schools of colleges and are being caught on plagiarizing or copy-pasting are usually punished. Certainly, those who are caught one or two times will just get an F grade and nothing else. But if a student is being caught on cheating like plagiarism on a regular basis, the punishment can be quite cruel and such student can even be expelled from the educational institution. In order to avoid such problem and never be caught on plagiarism, always use proper citation and referencing formats, always mention the authors of the ideas or thoughts that you are using in your academic paper.

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