How To Write An Effective Research Paper Outline

Writing a great and effective research paper requires a very thoughtful approach and a great work to do. Those students who’ve got an assignment of writing a research paper on any topic should go through a few stages of work, starting from doing a profound academic research and collecting plenty of relevant materials on the topic, including some theoretical part (various definitions, explanations, hypothesis, concepts, viewpoints of the most known specialists in the area, etc.) and some data to illustrate the topic. Then, the student has to process all the collected information and formulate a good thesis statement (the main purpose or objective of the work), create the most effective presentation strategy and write a research paper outline, then come to the actual writing part and write the academic paper with the requirement of basic format and the selected formatting style. Finally, the work should be completed by making correct references, reviewing and proofreading the research paper.

Many university professors or high school teachers are convinced that producing an effective research paper outline is an important step on the way to writing a great academic research paper. That is why they pay a lot on attention of the students to the necessity of mastering the skills of creating a good academic outline, and as a rule as the students to submit their outline before starting the writing part of their work. Those, who have never tried to create an outline, should know that a research paper outline is something like a small plan for the research paper, or a sequence of the key points that are going to be mentioned and properly presented in the research paper. It is quite easy to understand what a good research paper outline is all about and how to create a good one after looking at some effective research paper outline examples. Those can be found online, including easy and clear examples here and here. Take a minute to look through them, and you’ll get an idea what we’re talking about.

All good research paper outlines start with the Introduction, the first part of any academic paper. The introduction should include the thesis statement or the main objective of writing the research paper, as well as some very brief and important basic information to give the readers the basic idea what the academic paper is going to be about. Then, the paper body paragraphs should follow. As it can be seen from the above stated research paper outline examples, all principal parts of the paper should be numbered I, II, III, IV, etc., and all the sub-parts of the outline should be marked with capital letters (A, B, C, D, etc.). This is the standard outline formatting requirement. Do not make your outline too detailed and too long, you should mention just a few key points for every part of your research paper. Conclusion is the last part of your research paper, so it should be the last part of your research paper outline as well. The conclusion should include the summary of your work and the most important findings you managed to come up with.

It is actually nothing too hard about writing a good and effective research paper outline. You should come to working on the outline while you’re doing a research for your academic paper, because creating an outline can also help you to see if your research work is enough or maybe you’ll need to look through some more of academic sources in order to find some more information one one or another part of the topic. However, if you need help with writing a good research paper outline, do not feel shy to ask your fellow students or even senior students that you know for some help and assistance. They will certainly give you a hand and give some valuable pieces of advice as to creating outline. Finally, it is also possible to ask for some recommendations and help of professional writers who have excellent experience in such things. Check out some useful information on this point in this article.


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