How To Write A Good Reflective Essay

I guess, not many students enjoy writing academic essays. In contrast to other academic papers like term papers or research papers, essays usually do not require doing that much of research, looking through great amounts of academic sources and selecting the related info, analyzing and processing it, etc. Academic essays do not require writing so many pages, but they require stating your own position or viewpoint toward the topic, as well as using interesting, persuasive writing style in order to make the readers accept the author’s point of view. There is a good number of academic essay types, including pros and cons essays, argumentative essays, 5 paragraph essays, etc., and this small article is about another less common type of academic essay, a reflective essay.

This type of essay is sometimes known also as a reflection paper. The main idea and the main specifics of this kind of academic essay is writing about your own opinion as to the selected topic. In other words, a reflective essay usually does not require any research, or requires just some basic research on the very topic. When getting prepared to writing this kind of essay, all you need to do is study the topic and get the information about it, but what you’re going to write about is your own idea, your own perception, your own understanding or your own viewpoint to the issue. Certainly, it is possible to add a few sentences containing some information about the topic in order for your reader to understand it better, but the main idea of a reflective paper to show the author’s attitude and understanding of the issue.

When working on a reflection paper, you can start feeling a certain lack of own opinion, that is why looking for new ideas online can be a great solution. At the same time, when choosing this approach to writing a reflective essay, you should remember that borrowing specific ideas or opinions of other people may sometimes require citation. In other words, you can not use specific thoughts or viewpoints of other authors as your own, and if you plan to borrow the ideas of other people, you should cite the source and the author of such an idea. Keep this simple tip in mind, and do everything possible in order to develop your own opinion, cos’ it is not that hard as it may seem. Try looking at the issue you’re going to write about at a new angle, find a new perspective, and try to see a new something that no one could every notice before.

Finally, remember that your reflective essay has a usual structure just like any other academic essay, namely the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Write an introduction paragraph where you will introduce the issue and make your reader wonder about it. It is very important to make your introduction interesting and intriguing. The body paragraphs should contain the information about your opinion and your perception of the topic. You can mention your own experiences or your speculations about the effects of the issue on your life or on the life of other people. Finally, write a conclusion which would summarize the ideas you expressed in your reflection paper. Good luck with your work!

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