How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

Academic essay writing is among the most important tasks and skills that should be mastered by all modern students of colleges and high schools. Writing pros and cons essays, argumentative essays, 5 paragraph essays, or other types of academic essays is possibly the most common assignment given by high school teachers and college instructors. Therefore, it is very important to learn the specifics of every type of essay, as well as get as much practice as possible to develop proper essay writing skills. The assignment like this can be given in virtually any class. If you are given a task to write a 5 paragraph essay and want to learn more information about this type of essay, go on reading this article in order to get more tips on this essay.

A 5 paragraph essay is considered a classic example of academic essays. It consists of 5 paragraphs, the first of which is known as the introduction, the next three are called body paragraphs, and the last one is the conclusion paragraph.  Obviously, the first step to writing a successful 5 paragraph essay is choosing a good topic. Actually, when you need to write a good 5 paragraph essay, you can chose any issue or topic you like, starting from something personal like your own viewpoint to one or another issue, and ending up with something more specific and more serious. Certainly, it is recommended to choose writing about a topic or an issue that you are truly interested in, or about something you have a good knowledge about.

Another important step is formulating the thesis statement of your academic essay. Try to answer the question, what is an interesting or unknown idea, an unusual approach or an unusual point of view related to the topic you’ve chosen. Formulate the idea you’re going to write about and argue for in your academic essay. You can choose a common idea as to the topic, or you can express your own new interesting viewpoint to the topic. The next step of writing a 5 paragraph essay is choosing three most important arguments to support your thesis statement. Why just three? Because you need to develop those in the three body paragraphs of your 5 paragraph essay. Therefore, take your time to choose three most interesting and the most intriguing arguments to write about.

Then, it is time to come to the actual writing part. Keep in mind that writing an academic essay requires maximum attention to the writing style, in contrast to writing a research paper or a term paper (those kind of academic papers do not require too deep and too persuasive writing and should be written with a dry scientific language). A 5 paragraph essay is actually very small, that is why using an effective and persuasive writing style is a chance for you to make your essay bright and interesting to read. Use various expressions to support your ideas and viewpoints, be brief and avoid using unnecessary information. When working on the introduction, try starting your essay with an interesting quotation or something that can grab the reader’s attention.

When you’re done with the introduction, start working on the body paragraphs. Make sure that you express your ideas and arguments with a good clarity and with a proper logic. Pay a proper attention on writing a concise and informative conclusion, summarize what you were talking about in your essay and come up with some logical conclusion. In case if you used some quotations or borrowed ideas, please, do not forget to create a reference list and cite all the sources you’ve taken information from. Complete your work with proofreading your paper, and make sure that it has no syntax and grammar mistakes. Now, your 5 paragraph essay is ready for being submitted. Good luck in your work!


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