APA Research Paper Formatting Style

Students of colleges and universities are very often given the assignment to write academic papers like research papers, academic essays, reviews, and so on. When working on an academic paper, it is very important not only avoid stresses and keep control of own mind, but also be fully equipped with the knowledge about every step that a write has to go through while working on a research paper or an academic essay. There are certain stages of the process, starting from choosing the best and the most appropriate topic for your academic paper and ending up with reviewing and proofreading your paper. You can find some relevant information as to writing a research paper here. Or, if you are looking for a great research paper topic, you can go here and get some very effective ideas. This article is going to be focused on the issue of formatting and the recommendations on writing an APA research paper.

APA ( or the formatting style offered by American Psychological Association) is one of the most common and most used formatting styles for research papers and academic essays, especially those academic papers written on a topic from the areas like science, psychology, sociology, and so on. Using APA formatting style means following a set of special rules as to formatting your academic paper and especially referencing the works or ideas of other people you’re going to use in your paper. The whole set of guidelines is a complex and quite large piece of information, and the full set of rules and requirements for this formatting style can be found in the websites of various universities or other educational organizations. For example, one of the best and the most thoroughly written set of recommendations as to the requirements of APA style formatting can be found here. There are clear and very useful explanations as to making references, creating a reference list and formatting the paper according to APA style requirements, as well as plenty of examples illustrating the requirements of the formatting style.

After looking through the guidelines briefly, you can understand that there are plenty of requirements in APA style which are common in other formatting style. For example, those include typing your academic paper in double-spaced style with 1″ margins on all sides. However, there are some very important differences to be kept in mind. In particular, an APA research paper is required to include a title page (in contrast to MLA style academic papers) and the abstract. The title page in APA formatting style should include the running head on the top, the paper title, the author’s name and the name of the college or university. The abstract to the research paper should go as the next page after the title page. It should be titled with the word “abstract” and be a concise summary of the research going to be presented in the academic paper. The number of words in the abstract should not exceed 250.  As an option, the author can also include the list of the keywords for the research. After that, the introduction to the academic paper, the body and conclusion should follow.

Creating a reference page for your APA research paper is probably the most complicated part of formatting the paper, and it requires being focused and very attentive to every single detail. Every each academic source used for your work should be listed in the reference list in alphabetical order. Each reference list item should include the contributor’s name(s), the issue date of the last edited date, the title of the resource, the name of magazine or journal, the info about the publisher, the date it was retrieved, etc. It can be the best idea to use examples of APA style referencing when working on your reference page: such example will give you a perfect idea how to line up the items, how to use capitalization and italics, how to maintain punctuation and ho to use abbreviations, etc. Make sure that you’re using reputable online sources of APA formatting style examples in order to avoid making mistakes and receiving an unjustifiably lower grade.

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